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The board is specified in SVG with 99.999% precision. It is not required, but if you're curious about the process, a page with a fair amount of the math that goes into the board generator is available.

Though it isn't obvious, the triangle pictured on the page below is a button to change from portrait orientation to landscape orientation, and the triangle width and height are tied together so setting one changes the other to keep the proportions correct.

NB: If you are getting these images for the screen, the page size is irrelevant; use any size you want.

All values below are displayed in

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Quick Set:
After you press , the svg code for the board requested will be placed in the box below. Cut and paste the text into a file and save it with the extension ".svg", this file will be viewable with any svg viewer or editor. The pieces available on this site will need to be scaled by ### percent to fit in the triangles.