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I am opening up sections of this site as they are completed. I have a great deal more Klin Zha data to add, much of it is original, but I didn't want to wait until everything was done to start publishing the site (actually I did, it's just taking too long so I decided to publish what I had and add more later).

For those that have purchased Zillions of Games
Computer version of Klin Zha

This is written for the Zillions of Games engine, you'll need a copy beyond the demo capabilities to play this one - you need to get a key to unlock the free demo version. A key to make the demo version fully capable is $24.98 USD, or if you want a CD it costs $39.98 USD ($49.98 USD if being shipped internationally). See the page for more information.

This isn't quite where it all began, but it's close, and it certainly worked wonders for the popularity of the game.
The Agonizer Klin Zha supplement!

Published in the Spring of 1992, this supplement is the combined work of a number of authors. These articles are from a time when Klin Zha was reasonably new, and lots of people had lots of ideas. This is a web based reproduction of the original paper copy. Enjoy!
Note: To preserve the Agonizer with as little added as possible, I've removed most of the page embellishments; however, a link back to the site is present in the Notes and Errata section.

Not new, but when I opened up the Computer game I have a link there to the Laws of Klin Zha (which are preliminary), I'm adding that link here:
Laws of Klin Zha (PDF)

These laws are my answer to the ambiguities in the current rules published in numerous other locations, I haven't seen any that are complete enough to answer every possibility (these try to do so, comments are welcome).

The set I have been building for some time is nearly done, and as part of that set I've written an 'Introduction to Klin Zha':
Klin Zha Introduction (PDF)

Unlike the Laws, this is a more readable introduction to the game. It is not meant to be as exhaustive a treatment as the Laws, but it should get somebody who is not familiar with Klin Zha up to speed.

Also, the board has been completed (still need to make the spindles and pieces). Trials and Tribulations of Constructing a Board.

If you want to print out graphics for your own board, you may find this to be a help: Printer Pages.

This site is home to a lot of original material from the webmaster, as well as a repository and reference to Klin Zha resources from others. This all started from a concept for a Klin Zha set I had, and in the process of constructing it, decided I would start up this site as a record of my endeavours, but it has since become more than that.

The popularity of Klin Zha has been declining somewhat of late, frankly all things Star Trek(r) has had a decline of interest - I can't do anything about that, perhaps that era has come and gone, perhaps it is on its way back, but either way the game of Klin Zha is very interesting in its own right. It was designed around the description of a game described in The Final Reflection, a novel by John M. Ford. I think it can have a popularity all its own, even if the tie to extraterrestrial culture is stripped from the game entirely.

Access to the rest of the site being designed is available for select individuals only. Authorization is required. Proceed to the site if you have the credentials.

I am providing my email address in the following image, I am not listing it in the html text as there are programs out there that read web pages and collect emails (and I already get more than enough spam).